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TI-RFid Signature Sponsor of RFID World
As the leading supplier of the broadest range of RFID products in the industry, TI-RFid Systems has signed to be the Signature Sponsor of RFID World Conference and Exhibition, a first of its kind industry event that focuses exclusively on RFID technology and applications. The event will take place May 13 and 14, 2003 at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

RFID World Conference & Expo is a high profile networking, educational, and technology event that offers hands-on demonstrations of next generation RFID solutions across a broad array of industry applications. This groundbreaking event is the perfect forum for RFID partners and providers to initiate proactive planning and improve trading partner relationships with buyers from key industry segments such as supply chain and logistics, retail and catalog application, smart labels and more. The event will also conduct special workshops for systems integrators and value-added resellers (VARs).

"Through the support of this and other industry initiatives, Texas Instruments has shown that it is without question the leader in the RFID industry," said event director Timothy Downs. "We look forward to showcasing TI's expertise, and hearing from TI's customers as they present innovative applications that utilize TI-RFid technology."

For more information please visit:

SkyeTek Introduces SkyeRead M1 Reader
SkyeTek, LLC, a developer of RFID systems and applications based in Boulder Colorado, recently announced its SkyeRead M1 high-performance 13.56MHz RFID reader, which uses TI’s S6700 Multi-Protocol Transceiver IC. Compliant with 13.56 MHz standards ISO 15693 and ISO 14443, the SkyeRead M1 is a low-profile (4 mm), low-cost (1,000 units are priced at $49 USD) reader. The small 38 mm x 40 mm footprint with on-board antenna and several host interface options (RS-232, TTL, SPI, and I2C) makes this plug and play device extremely versatile and easy to use. An external antenna can be connected for custom applications and to increase read range from the standard 3-4 inches (~9cm) to up to 10 inches (25cm). Other features include contactless identification with no line of sight, simultaneous multiple tag reading capability, and a simple ASCII protocol interface.

For more information contact SkyeTek at (720) 565-0441,, or visit

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Accurate Scores Keep Motorcycle Racers on Track
Competitors in Hare Scramble and Enduro off-road motorcycle racing are speeding through designated checkpoints during races thanks to TI’s RFID technology. Software developer John Bouma developed a program called Race Timer that uses TI- RFid tags and readers to improve scoring by minimizing lag-time, maximizing the amount of riders on the track at one time, and eliminating concerns about the accuracy of collected data — all of which have improved the overall professionalism of the sport.

In the past, teams were comprised of up to 20 individuals with roughly 120 riders on the track at one time. As the riders approached the single gate checkpoint, they needed to come to a complete stop to pass through individually, because their time was recorded manually using punch cards. The use of barcodes on riders’ helmets improved the scoring process since data could be analyzed for lap times, starting times, and overall and class standings. However, riders still needed to come to a complete stop at the checkpoint to be scanned trackside, which slowed the event and limited the number of participants.

Today, using TI-RFid technology, riders can continue racing through checkpoints. By strategically placing antennas throughout the racing trails and attaching a TI transponder with read/write capabilities to the rider’s chest protector or front fender, the racer’s time is recorded when he or she passes by the antenna at each checkpoint. The software automatically reads the rider’s transponder and determines his status at each checkpoint, displaying his number, registered class, rank, and distance behind the closest rider in his class at that location.

TI-RFid has also enhanced the registration process by reducing queue time and paperwork. At registration, each rider is given a transponder, which is linked to a database containing all of the rider’s pertinent information, including name, racing number, and competing class. Once assigned, a transponder is valid throughout a rider’s career, and information can easily be updated on the spot using its read/write capabilities.

The sport is increasing in popularity with an average of 400 riders on the track at a time. While it would have been impossible to track and score this many riders using manual methods, the new scoring system with TI-RFid technology can now easily support 1,000 riders on the track simultaneously.

For more information on Race Timer, contact Bouma at or visit his Web site at

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Distributor Profile: Dynasys

Phone 727/443-6600
Contact Bob Scher, CEO
Description Dynasys is the U.S. distributor and a complete technical support center for TI-RFid’s products. The company’s expertise is in understanding, supporting, and rapidly fulfilling RFID hardware application requirements.
Major Markets All industrial markets, wherever automatic data collection is required.

1) What primary opportunities do you see for RFID today?

Security system at North Island Naval BaseWe see many potential market opportunities for RFID solutions particularly for physical security and asset tracking. We recently implemented an access control solution for the U.S. Navy, at the North Island Naval Base in San Diego California, which allows security managers to monitor all personnel as they enter and exit the base.

The RFID Gate Sentry System consists of a TI-RFid long-range reader and a high-performance Dynasys RFID antenna system. This combination provides reliable detection of personnel badges incorporating TI-RFid’s Tag-it™ inlays, and the additional security and interoperability of 13.56 MHz technology compliant with the ISO 15693 standard.

We’re also working with a large medical supplier on an RFID electronic inventory system to monitor medical devices stored in operating room cabinets. This system will monitor hundreds of hospital inventories and trigger an alarm when inventory falls below a specified level. Each product is labeled with a Tag-it inlay and is read using a TI-RFid reader and Dynasys RFID antenna integrated in the storage cabinet. Inventory data is posted on the Internet in real time and can be retrieved from any remote location.

2) How are you helping your customers adopt RFID?

We provide complete education for prospective customers by offering RFID starter kits and RFID equipment demonstrations in our laboratory. Additionally, our staff shares their industry and technology expertise through presentations at industry conferences.

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Opinion: 13.56 MHz Satisfies Today’s Security Needs

Given the challenges placed on security professionals, today’s access control systems need to work harder and do more than ever before. New and retrofit systems must control levels of access, grant temporary status, assure authorization, control access to remote company sites or locations inside a single building, as well as monitor equipment. From employee badges to biometrics, security managers are evaluating new access control solutions to meet these new challenges with technology that is still simple to use, cost-effective and easy to deploy.

A number of market factors are coming together to create new demand for 13.56 MHz RFID solutions including:

  •  New concerns over personnel and facility security
  •  The emergence of multi-function cards for access, authorization and
      stored-value transactions
  •  Technology advancements of the ISO 15693 vicinity card standards
  •  New price and functionality of 13.56 MHz technology

In fact, Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2006, RFID cards will represent more than 80% of the access control market.

Security and access control providers are embracing the ISO 15693 vicinity card standard because of its new level of security and authentication, interoperability across all suppliers and applications, additional memory, faster data transfer rates and multiple card reading capability. The ISO 15693 vicinity card standard offers solution providers and dealers a clear migration path and safe investment in a technology that provides their customers with a new level of security, and the assurance of interoperability.

The trend toward a single RFID card for multiple applications will continue as more joint access control / transaction applications are implemented, like those that are now common on college campuses and in hospitals. And with the wide acceptance of RFID for wireless payment, 13.56 MHz technology will continue to fuel this migration toward multiple-use vicinity cards and financial transaction tokens.

At a price level comparable to current 125 kHz proximity card solutions, and substantial increases in functionality and performance, 13.56 MHz is expected to dominate the market.

by Kelly Stark
Access Control Business Manager
TI-RFid Systems

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