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A Great Barcoding and Inventory Management System

When Thermal Spray and Machine needed a system for printing barcodes and managing their inventory, the result was a great database tracking customers, part numbers and individual components. The system enables a manufacturer to maintain a database of customers, tracking both a  corporate address and a shipping address.

The system also keeps track of all unique parts made by a manufacturer - which is then used when populating an inventory database of individual components (by part number).

As components are shipped, the system tracks shipping date, and if returned for any reason, the system provides you the ability to recapture items back into inventory.

Another strong feature of the system is the ability to create barcodes, with up to 4 rows of information - with the top row consisting of the actual barcode, followed by 3 additional rows of custom data provided by the user.

When generating barcodes, the system provides the ultimate in flexibility by enabling the user to select the font on each line of the barcode, and select the physical size of the barcodes, and at the same time viewing an exact replica of what the barcode is going to look like.  Once the parameters have been established, all subsequent barcodes use those parameters until reset by the user.

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