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A Great System for Inport Watchbills forSubmariners

A Great System for Inport Watchbills for Submariners

It's recognized that writing a watchbill for the officers and Chief Petty Officers is generally a huge pain for the guy responsible for writing it.

The software developed by Berkut Systems radically improves the process, making it possible to create a watchbill for any month of the year by simply clicking a couple of "buttons".

Not only does this software enable you to write (and modify) a watchbill, it incorporates a watch qualification feature which will prevent a user from ever placing an unqualified watchstander into a position on the watchbill.

Another great feature of the software is that it allows a user to manage the personnel on a daily basis, tracking who's on leave, who's at school, and anyone else who might not be present for any reason.  As personnel learn of days they need off, regardless how far in the future, people are simply added as exclusions for those days, and their names will never appear on the watchbill for those days. 

The system also keeps track of the total number of weekday duty days, and weekend duty days a person is scheduled for. It also allows a user to designate specific days as "underway" days - days where there are no personnel assigned for those watches.

The software is specifically designed for the officer or Duty Chief watchbills - supporting (Officer) Ships Duty Officer and Engineering Duty Officer and (Chief Petty Officer) the Ships Duty Chief  and Engineering Duty Petty Officer watchstations.

Please note that this software was originally developed for use in a DOS environment, so although it's fully functional in Windows, users must have their printers configured to capture data form a printer port to use the printing function. This is a simple process and information is readily available for those not familiar with how to do it.

Contact Berkut Systems for more information on the watchbill system - or click here to download the software.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email..

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