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The Race Timer System is distributed with three types of users in mind - an individual race promoter, a person who scores events for a group of promoters, and an entire Series. Details of the licensing mode for each is described below:
This license is held by a specific individual. With a site license, a specific promoter has rights to use the software at a specific race location, for as long as the licensed individual remains the lead point of contact for that event. The license is not transferable. If the promoter of the event changes, the license does not transfer to the new promoter. This license does not entitle a promoter who may host events at multiple sites to use it at each of those sites. Allowances can be made for promoters who host events a short distance from one another (i.e. 2 miles), but the principal is that the software will be used at one site, regardless of any the promoters affiliation with other events at another sites.
This license is held by a specific individual. With an enterprise license, the holder of the license has the right to use the software to score any number of events, for any number of promoters, at any location for as long as he is personally involved in the scoring process. "Personally involved" is defined as being physically present, while the scoring is being done, overseeing the overall task of scoring the event. It is understood that the license holder may not be available at every event he has obligated to score - due to reasons of health or other extenuating circumstances - but the intent is that the person holding the license be the one actually using the software. Authority is not granted to use the software at more than one site simultaneously. The license is specific to that individual, and does not transfer to the events he was scoring, nor become assimilated by any organization he was supporting, upon his election to no long score events for any promoter.
This license is held by an organization in lieu of any named individual, and entitles that organization to use the software, regardless who is doing the scoring, to score all of their events. A "series" or "organization" is defined as a published grouping of races, all under the auspices of a single governing body. This definition does not include generalization to the point of defining a national organization such as the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) as the "single governing body". This license is not transferable to another series, nor is the software transferable to the same series should the organizations name be changed for any reason. If purchased by a series which later assimilates another (presumably smaller) series, the license is extended to the events of the combined series - provided that events are hosted under the name of the original licensee. If an organization holding a series license is assimilated by another (presumably larger) series, the license is not extended to the greater organization, thereby prohibiting use of the Software - including at those events originally promoted under the auspices of the original holder of an organizational license. It is the responsibility of the greater, aggregate series, to renegotiate a series license.
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