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Timer Installation

Installation is simple. We've all heard the phrase - A monkey can do it - but in this case, that pretty well sums it up.  The ONLY glitch is that the installation process does expect that your system is up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft.

Installation can be accomplished by by any computer user - requiring no prior computer expertise. The system uses the traditional Microsoft installation theme, enabling users to complete the installation in a matter of minutes.

The installation process takes care of every fact of software installation - including registering all files with the operating system. It gives the user the ability to customize the installation based on how you intend to use the system - whether that be as a registration component, or at the checkpoint, or if you intend to use it primarily to calculate results.  The default is to support all three functions.

The setup places icons on the desktop and creates a program group in the start menu.

If you're no longer using the system, it also incorporates the ability to uninstall the system, removing all files which are no longer necessary..

Please note that the evaluation version available on this website has not incorporated all of the screen shots shown below.

The opening screen

Selecting options

Starting installation


If you have any questions, please contact us via email..

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